Rushhi, Inc.

Rushhi, Inc., provides a complete suite of marketing services, including event management, creative services, marketing, promotion and media strategy to ensure a maximum return on investment for our clients.

Our service areas are organized in four principal categories:

Market Research and Strategy
  • We use existing Rushhi experience and knowledge to build marketing plans utilizing minimal costs with maximum reach.
  • We help in developing a complementary blend of promotion through various online and offline media that maximizes market penetration.
  • We help in building targeted brand awareness with high acceptance within the defined demographic.
  • We maximize ROI by utilizing proprietary offline and online research tools developed by Rushhi to gather market knowledge and use the same to develop effective marketing strategies.
  • We develop and manage customized events that will allow you to reach out to the target demographic more effectively and efficiently.
Media Planning and Buying
  • We provide the best marketing mix using conventional and new age media.
  • We develop non-conventional OOH campaigns and web strategy to achieve high degree of reach and marketing penetration.
  • We have negotiated the best prices with major South Asian media across North America.
Creative Strategy
  • We have an in-house developed ROI based model that allows for minimum investment with maximum results.
  • We share our proprietary knowledge and experience based on market acceptance.
  • We help in developing target market driven creatives based on demographic data and acceptance.
  • We help in developing creatives that maximize cross media promotion advantages and compound brand awareness through multiple channels.
Grass Roots Campaigns
  • We offer complete coverage across 10 major U.S. metropolitan markets that cover 80% of NRI's.
  • We offer complete concept to implementation capability.
  • We provide optimal resource allocation based on our experience to yield maximum ROI.
  • We give our clients complete access to our network to allow deep market penetration.
  • Market segmentation in individual markets allows for specific brand promotion in each segment.
  • We offer individual unit level reporting to gauge interest and ROI levels from each market.